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Happy New Year!

2013 was a tremendous year of travel and inspirations for TORI.XO.

Starting the year on the beaches of Florianopolis, Brazil. Inspirations came to me freely as I walked along the beaches, soaking up sun and dipping my toes in the  ocean. Looking out to the horizon where little islands pop out of the ocean, the sun beaming down, sparkling on the water, droplets of water rolling into the golden sand. 

Here, the Floripa collection was born.

Earlier adventures had taken me to the most Northern part of Argentina to the mines of Wanda. I found the most azur of blue aquamarines that would later form the water droplet in my Ripples collection. 

The adventures extended further across the globe to my home town in Australia...

Juan Cruz and I got married on a beach North of Sydney. It was a magical ceremony where friends and family visited from around the world. 

Instead of saying goodbye to our friends and family who visited from afar for the traditional honeymoon, we embarked on a  'familymoon'. All guests ventured up the coast of Australia. We stayed in the town of Torrington, home of the deep blue Australian Sapphire and inspiration to one of my 2013 collections, TOR. 

Tor's are beautiful boulders that naturally sit atop another 'tor' in perfect balance. By observing their organic shapes, and studying how sapphires come from deep within the earths surface, this lead to the spirally and boulderesque sapphire collection.


Sometimes inspiration comes as a spark, a dream or a vivid imagination. I awoke one summers morning to a vision of a beautiful pendant. A necklace that just had to be made. The flow was like water, the shape 3 dimensional like nothing i had made before. Organic & geometrical. 

I sketched my dream as best I could, and set sail to my studio to make this now award winning piece "Mermaids Amulet". (this collection is to be launched in North America Spring, 2014)


Today I find myself back in Australia. My childhood home. I go on daily snorkells to Palm Beach. Below the surface of the water I find myself mesmerised in another universe. The green sea grass flows with the swell over the giant rocks on the sea bed. Taking a closer look I dive to the oceans floor and see forests of coral and algae creating homes for fish and sea creatures to play in. 

Looking back to the surface and world above, bubbles catch the reflections of the sun. A dolphins playground, a mermaids quarters...

A jewellers dream.


2014 Sea inspired collections are in the design phase. Keep your eyes posted on #instagram #facebook and online shop for details on how you can purchase these collections.


Where does your inspiration come from??



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