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Behind the scenes: DAY 1

Behind the scenes of a reality jewellery design TV contest

This week has possibly been the most surreal time of my design career to date.

When a call to entry to be Canada’s next best jewellery designer and design a capsule collection for Birks came up, I didn’t hesitate to submit my entry.

A video was made by two incredible documentary artists! (thanks Kevin and Melani).

We waited patiently until we received an e-mail saying we had been selected as 1 of 3 finalists to partake in the design challenge.

Next thing I know we are being flown to Toronto. A chauffer was waiting on our arrival and from here on I was pinching myself. Is this real? Yes, Tori. It’s a reality TV show. Once in a lifetime opportunity.

We arrived at a brand new designer hotel in downtown Toronto (Lenny Kravitz designed the whole 7th floor!)

I indulged in this bizarre opportunity before the organized chaos of filming began the following day.

For someone who is usually dressed in overalls and sitting behind a jewellers bench, with a dusting of polishing compound, the counterbalance of the Glam side of TV was a warm welcome.

Excited for todays challenge and to meet my competitors,

Tori xo

TORI•XO | ET x BIRKS jewellery design challenge

Excited to announce...

TORI•XO has been selected as 1 of 3 finalists across Canada in the ET x BIRKS jewellery design challenge (Think Project Runway for jewellers!!!) 

Yes this is real! We'll be seen on your screens ALL week Dec 11-15 on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Global Television 7:30 pm* (Some provinces 7pm)

We'll be taking part in Design challenges and being filmed along the way.

You're in for a treat, so tune in tonight! Don't have a TV? ET will upload an extended version of the show to you tube after it's aired. 




I'll be adding to the blog for more information through out the week about that time we were on a reality TV show for jewellers...


How did we get to be on a reality jewellery TV show???

It all started here:


With a call for entry to be one of Canada's next best jewellery designers, how could one say no. Our good friend Jen Bennett sent us the link thinking we may be interested. We submitted our entry video (Thanks Melani & Kevin!)  

Next thing we know we have been accepted as one of three finalists from across Canada. 

Keep an eye on this blog for behind the scenes details on the most surreal week I have encountered as a jeweller. XO


Launching our 2017 collection


We are so happy to be back at the bench and share with you our new collection: Lullaby.

Every night, as I put my baby boy to sleep to the classic Brahms Lullaby, I’m inspired by this gentle melody. Surrounded by the stars from my son’s nightlight, I’m transported to a magical sky where imagination roams free and new jewels are born.

Take a peek at our online store & adorn yourself in stardust. XO


Shop the full collection HERE 




Announcement from TORI•XO

Hello to all of our TORI•XO fans and ambassadors,

We have had quite the year and wanted to give you a little update...

2015 was TORI.XO’s biggest growth year yet.

We collaborated with amazing talent on our best ever catalogue, debuted our collections in NY and….

We were awarded Product Line of the Year by the national industry magazine, Canadian Jeweller Mag. at the Canadian Jeweller Awards of excellence.

It was quite humbling to hold the award for Product Line of the Year (with bub in belly) this time last year. Thank you Canadian Jeweller Magazine and the Awards of Excellence.


What’s next for TORI•XO?

As most of you would know by now, in 2016 we welcomed to the world our baby boy, Giovanni. He is an absolute delight and cannot wait to meet you all.

We’re taking some time away from production whilst we dream up our next collections for 2017. It was bittersweet to step away from the bench for a while and made me admire even more all you business owning mamas.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

All you gorgeous ambassadors out there that I see on the streets (and Instagram), keep rocking the limited edition XO jewels you have! Be sure to check in on our social media channels for our full return to the studio in Spring 2017.

Love and a lot of XO’s til then,

Tori xo

Tweets XO