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2020 Inspiration

How is everyone holding up? It feels like the world is on standby while we get through this.
Our 2020 collections are waiting patiently. I am sharing a sneak peek into our sketch books for a preview for what's in store for our summer collections.

Australis ~ Flora

Waratah collection

Inspired by the natural beauty abundant in Australia.

The Waratah is the state emblem for NSW. Inspired by the resilience of the land and what it has endured over the years. This collection is a stylized take on some of the native flora. 

Cut-out elements depict the inflorescence, particular to the waratah. A sweet and intricate design that will become part of your everyday favourites.

TORI•XO Jewellery Party 2019

We're excited to announce our 11th annual Jewellery Party

@ Lady Luck Boutique

Nov. 30th, 10am - 5pm

5519 Young Street, Halifax, NS

This is our last show of 2019. Bring all your friends and start your Xmas shopping.

See you there,

Tori xo

New Collections

We're excited to introduce you to our 2019 collections:

T H R E A D   X O 

This series of twisted silver and gold threads will become your everyday go-to jewels.

Thread XO Inspiration 

When I was younger, my grandparents showed me how to make twisted silk thread with a hand held drill. I loved the simplicity of the process and the outcome that I had made something on my own. Fast forward decades later and I am using this process in my jewellery collection.

The inspiration for this collection goes back to the essence of TORI•XO and our signature lace . Representing the hand spun silk threads that make up the basis of this lace. 

Shop our Thread XO collection here:

F O L I A G E 


F O L I A G E Inspiration 

Emerging from the luscious foliage, trees entangled in vines, floral gems set in tropical backgrounds.

Walking through hidden pathways that wind through dense foliage of tropical origins. 

Silhouettes of vines on the forest floor. This collection is wild, luscious, reminiscent of a Hawaiian goddess. 

I was inspired by getting lost in the jungle of Hilo, Hawaii. And the inspiration continued to the exotic foliage of my hometown in Australia. Walking sandstone stairs, overgrown with palms and vines, emerging to sunlight. This foliage frames the tropical seas, rich in aquamarine and gold.

Enjoy browsing the FOLIAGE collection here:






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Behind the scenes: DAY 1

Behind the scenes of a reality jewellery design TV contest

This week has possibly been the most surreal time of my design career to date.

When a call to entry to be Canada’s next best jewellery designer and design a capsule collection for Birks came up, I didn’t hesitate to submit my entry.

A video was made by two incredible documentary artists! (thanks Kevin and Melani).

We waited patiently until we received an e-mail saying we had been selected as 1 of 3 finalists to partake in the design challenge.

Next thing I know we are being flown to Toronto. A chauffer was waiting on our arrival and from here on I was pinching myself. Is this real? Yes, Tori. It’s a reality TV show. Once in a lifetime opportunity.

We arrived at a brand new designer hotel in downtown Toronto (Lenny Kravitz designed the whole 7th floor!)

I indulged in this bizarre opportunity before the organized chaos of filming began the following day.

For someone who is usually dressed in overalls and sitting behind a jewellers bench, with a dusting of polishing compound, the counterbalance of the Glam side of TV was a warm welcome.

Excited for todays challenge and to meet my competitors,

Tori xo

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