Behind the scenes: DAY 1

Behind the scenes of a reality jewellery design TV contest

This week has possibly been the most surreal time of my design career to date.

When a call to entry to be Canada’s next best jewellery designer and design a capsule collection for Birks came up, I didn’t hesitate to submit my entry.

A video was made by two incredible documentary artists! (thanks Kevin and Melani).

We waited patiently until we received an e-mail saying we had been selected as 1 of 3 finalists to partake in the design challenge.

Next thing I know we are being flown to Toronto. A chauffer was waiting on our arrival and from here on I was pinching myself. Is this real? Yes, Tori. It’s a reality TV show. Once in a lifetime opportunity.

We arrived at a brand new designer hotel in downtown Toronto (Lenny Kravitz designed the whole 7th floor!)

I indulged in this bizarre opportunity before the organized chaos of filming began the following day.

For someone who is usually dressed in overalls and sitting behind a jewellers bench, with a dusting of polishing compound, the counterbalance of the Glam side of TV was a warm welcome.

Excited for todays challenge and to meet my competitors,

Tori xo



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