This was the challenge of all challenges day. And possible the most challenging design I have taken on.

I have a certain process I like to do when I am designing. This process is lengthily, slow paced. There’s a lot of back and forward and progress and refining.

Today, we had 1hr to design an engagement ring for Birks, using inspiration from their Iconic collection. As much as I appreciate the pieces in the collection, I was inspired to add to this collection. Something Iconic for jewellery, and add Romance.

The other challenge was diamonds. And while their story and beauty is rare, I have a tendency to be drawn to coloured gems.

We were able to have our own design tools, which was a bonus.

To add to the whole reality element of this contest, we had half a dozen cameras shooting out way the entire time. I thought this would bother me more than it did, but I was so focused it felt like I was the only one in the room. Just me and my pencil and soon to be new ideas…

I spend the first 30 minutes developing concept. Drawing a bunch of ideas and then finally reaching that “A-ha” moment. Originally I was thinking lacey, delicate designs, but the timeframe was too small to sketch.

I chose the snowflake collection as a starting point. With the idea that each bride is unique, like a snowflake. I liked the intricacy of the designs and the sparkle of the pave diamonds.

Then my take on the design stepped in. Romance! How can we express romance in jewellery design. SO I upped my own challenge and added a whole new collection to the Iconic series based on the rose. Everyone knows the symbol for LOVE is a heart, which leaves the Icon for romance to be the Rose.

Most women love the idea of a central diamond “bling” for their engagement band, so I went with that. A 1 carat diamond. This central diamond is supported by a bouquet of teeny white gold roses, pave set in diamonds creating a halo . The band is simplified as the top of the ring is so detailed. The central round, brilliant cut diamond is raised above the halo, being the focus. Adding romance back into the world! Your ring finger being surrounded by a bouquet of love, a symbol of romance from your other half.

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