Day 3: Styling a BIRKS photo shoot for FASHION MAGAZINE

Another surprise…

(Entertainment Tonight were exceptional at keeping these assignments top secret from us!)

We arrive at a filming studio that was once a Metal Shop. It feels industrious and I feel comfortable there.

Behind locked doors lies our next challenge!

Upon opening we see the set of a Fashion shoot! There’s camera crew, hair and make-up team, clothes, jewels…AND the editor in chief at FASHION magazine!

To me this is amazing! Noreen Flanagan who has been a trailblazer in Canada’s fashion industry was there in front of us.

Our task was to style 1 of 3 upcoming musicians for a layout in February’s edition of the magazine, using Birks Iconic Jewellery.

Again, this challenge caught me off guard. I have my go to stylists (Hi, Nadine!) that helps style all my fashion shoots. I know what I like, but when it comes to the overall detailing, I like to hire professionals in the field.

Because I won yesterdays challenge, I was able to choose my musician first AND I had to assign the two to my contestants. We only saw seconds of each music video for each artist. I chose A L L I E , an upcoming R & B songstress oozing smoothness and beauty. Her rythmic tunes and phenomenal hair is what lured me to her. (Keep your ears out as she’s going to be touring soon and she is amazing!)


I had 3 minutes to interview Allie and find out her style. My inner journalist inquired about her style, muses, alter ego…

A L L I E likes gold, body jewels and pieces to move in. Muse, Eryka Badu

I again had a short period of time to choose what I would style her in and away we go! I chose loads of fine gold chains and hoops and cuffs and rings. I envisoned making a delicate mesh of golden chains n her chest. Allie was wearing bright cammo pants and a mesh black tee. Perfect framework for a décolletage of chains.

When I started makig the fine gold chain neckwork, a sweet little collar magically happened. I went with it. The chains were a tad to short so FASHION’s stylist Eliza was on set and helped loop the chains together. All was going well until Allie started doing her thing and moving and the chains would fall forward. We pinned them, and all was a little better. I loved the hoop used in her here with the solid gold and the hint of pearl. The pearl was great contrast from the harder edge of her style adding a bit of femininity like the soft sounds of her tunes.

The cuffs highlighted her moving hands.

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