TORI•XO | ET x BIRKS jewellery design challenge

Excited to announce...

TORI•XO has been selected as 1 of 3 finalists across Canada in the ET x BIRKS jewellery design challenge (Think Project Runway for jewellers!!!) 

Yes this is real! We'll be seen on your screens ALL week Dec 11-15 on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Global Television 7:30 pm* (Some provinces 7pm)

We'll be taking part in Design challenges and being filmed along the way.

You're in for a treat, so tune in tonight! Don't have a TV? ET will upload an extended version of the show to you tube after it's aired. 




I'll be adding to the blog for more information through out the week about that time we were on a reality TV show for jewellers...


How did we get to be on a reality jewellery TV show???

It all started here:


With a call for entry to be one of Canada's next best jewellery designers, how could one say no. Our good friend Jen Bennett sent us the link thinking we may be interested. We submitted our entry video (Thanks Melani & Kevin!)  

Next thing we know we have been accepted as one of three finalists from across Canada. 

Keep an eye on this blog for behind the scenes details on the most surreal week I have encountered as a jeweller. XO



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