Behind the scenes: DAY 2


The chauffer picks us up at our hip new boutique hotel, downtown Toronto. I am briefly introduced to the other two finalists…whom we click straight away! Ho Ching is also a NSCAD graduate, now a Vancouver based artist. Jasalyn, also a Vancouver based artist, and we connect over being mum’s in the creative industry.

Our car pulls up to Yorkdale Mall where we have noooooooo idea what’s in store for us. It’s before mall hours and we have the place to ourselves, really living the childhood dream of having an entire mall to roam free!

We arrive at our filming destination for the day…BIRKS!

What a beautiful flag ship store this is. I remember when I first came to Canada stepping foot into the prestigious store. They’ve now given it a fresh face and the design and aesthetics, beautiful and modern.

We get microphones put on, a fresh face of powder and we’re camera ready.

The nerves kick in…”What am I doing here. This is crazy?! Me, on a reality TV jewellery design show? I don’t even like having my photo taken let alone 20 million viewers looking at me on camera. “

The producers are super friendly and make us feel comfortable in front of the cameras.

We meet the host of the show, Cheryl Hickey, and the Marketing manager, Eva Hartling. Both familiar faces from the screen and surreal seeing them in person.

Our first challenge is assigned. We have 15 minutes to redesign a display case for the new Iconic collection. Now as a jeweller who showcases new collections yearly, I am familiar with designing displays, buuuuuuut I find it’s my weakness. I way prefer others who are professional at this to take over. Anyways, with the small time frame and materials assigned, I went with the first spark of an idea…

The new collection is all about stacking, and the image of stacking dominos came to mind. I worked with height and imagery of the rings stacking over like dominos. Overall I was happy with the design. And the judges were too….

Day 1 success, when the judges look at all the contestants and announce the winner, being….”Tori”


Homeafter a loooooong day of filming to get ready for another big day.


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