Halifax Magazine fashion influencers photo shoot (BTS)

Yesterday was an exciting day in the history of TORI.XO.

Halifax Magazine invited 5 fashion influencers of Halifax for the September Issue feature article.

We met on location at NSCAD fashion department (where I began the brainstorming of my business 9 years ago!) We had a lot of fun in amongst the mannequins and gorgeous old building I love so much.

The issue is set to be launched mid September. I feel so privileged to be included with such fashion influencers as Gary Markle, Lisa Drader Murphy, Mo Handahu & Angela Campagnoni.

Here are some pics from the behind the scenes of the shoot




The Fashion Influencers: Mo Handahu, Angela Campagnoni, Lisa Drader Murphy, Gary Markle, Tori Poynton

Vanity Fair inspired cover shoot!


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