Belgium - Lace, Love & Chocolates


This September I was invited to go to Belgium to attend a friends wedding reception in a Chateau in Brussels.

How could one resist! The Castle Party was oh so grand with champagne flowing and the bride and groom glowing. 

On the days surrounding the occasion I set out to find the infamous Brussels Lace.

"What I love most about travel is the adventure - the art of getting lost in a city and stumbling across doorways that lead to little gems."

I was on my way to a flea market, walking the cobblestone streets of the Grand Place, Brussels when I stumbled upon the doorstep of my dream museum “ Musée du Costume et de La Dentelle” (Museum of costume & lace).

Inside was the most extensive collection of lace I had ever seen. Drawers upon drawers of century old lace, preserved behind glass doors. 

The intricate details were mesmerizing.


Next stop on my lace tour of Belgium was one of the oldest flea markets in the city “Place de Jeu Balle”. 

Located in a cobblestone square a couple of blocks from the Grand Place, this market was filled with every antique imaginable.

I scouted the markets for what I was looking for and found nestled in an old trunk troves upon troves of Brussels lace. 


Day 3 of my travels to Belgium brought me to the quaintest and well preserved mediaeval cities in Western Europe - Bruges

I would recommend anyone visit this town whilst in Belgium, located about an hour outside of Brussels.

I loved the old houses on the river, the cobblestone streets and main square in the centre. 

Down one tiny street tucked away in a little door was an old lady who has been making bobbin lace in Bruges for many decades. 

The piece she was working on would take 2 months to complete. 


From my train rides and boat trips through Belgium I have sketched some designs inspired by the lace I found.

Your very next TORI.XO piece may be embellished with some century old Belgian lace. 





Lace Museum - 

Musée du Costume et de La Dentelle


Flea Markets

Place de Jeu Balle - Brussels


Best Chocolatier in Belgium

Pierre Marcolini


Grand Place



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