The street that led me to Canada

On November 28th the TORI.XO 7th Annual Jewellery party, will take place at one of my favourite locations in all of Halifax. The Granville Mall, which most of you may know as that beautiful pedestrian street next to NSCAD.

There are so many things I love about this particular patch of Halifax. I mean just look at it.

The first time I saw the images above was back in 2004, while I was applying for an exchange semester from my University in Australia (COFA, UNSW).

I was looking for a European city with a great jewellery program where classes were taught in English. My professor at the time, Vaughan Rees, had done his masters at NSCAD, he spoke of Andy Warhol, an amazing school and a European flare.

So I did a bit of research and five minutes later I was looking at images of stonemason architecture, granite façade and the cobblestone streets surrounding the college.

I promptly filled out a few forms and in the fall of 2005 I arrived to Halifax. After my first few days at NSCAD I fell in love with the school and the quaintness of the surrounding streets and maze of historic buildings.

Ten years later, Granville street still finds way to capture my heart.

You may know that at this location, we shot the cover of the Halifax Magazine , but you may not know that in the late 1800’s, one of these buildings was home to a jewellery studio and shop front. Today we know this place as The Flower Shop.

And I couldn’t be more happy to share with you that Charlotte Pierce, it’s owner and operator, has agreed to host our next TORI.XO event.

The latest in TORI.XO designs inspired by lace with the introduction of chocolate diamonds will debut at this event.

We couldn’t be more excited to have our 7th annual jewellery party here. We hope you can join us for a night of jewellery, music and champagne.

Save the date and please mark an XO on November 28th.


Charlotte at work in The Flower Shop that once was a jewellery shop in the 1800's

The Lace and Chocolate diamond collection will debut at our 7th Annual Jewellery Show.


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