Blossom Collection

Blossom Lace Chandelier Earrings


These chandelier style earrings are the perfect pair to glam up at home. Each petal is embellished with our vintage French lace, cut and riveted. The articulation makes them move freely upon wearing. Set with a freshwater drop pearl, these earrings epitomise luxury at home.

32mm x 55mm

Each piece is handmade. Lace patterns on the silver may vary.


Inspired by the delicate blossoms of my favourite tree blooming in spring. The ephemeral petals are there for only two weeks, and I wanted to capture their essence in silver and gold. 

Whilst working from home, I saw this pattern on repeat, from my porcelain teacup, I picked up at an antique market in Paris, to the sleeve of my kimono I bought whilst in Japan. 

The collection symbolises everyday luxuries at home. 

Luxury surrounds us, and it is how you define it. 

Our Blossom collection pays homage to our signature styles, from the floral fan shape of the peek-a-boos to the planished edges of our ripples collection. 

We hope you feel a little luxurious every day, whilst wearing one of these pieces.



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